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In its latest software release, NewLeads, Inc., offers exhibitors almost instant fulfillment of PDF documents for their tradeshow visitors. Already established in the electronic capture of the inquirer’s information by using touch screen technology to capture leads on the showfloor, NewLeads has added a new PDF fulfillment service. This service removes the gap of time between a show visitor’s request for information in the booth and actually receiving the requested literature.

Once the booth visitor’s contact information is scanned from their badge and they choose their products of interest, the NewLeads e-fulfillment system sends them an e-mail with their PDF documents before they’ve even left the booth.

Traditional fulfillment processes require that the inquirer’s name and products of interest be captured at the show, taken back to the company, and the requested information manually fulfilled by the exhibitor or an outside fulfillment service. This can take from a week to a month and cost the company on average $10.41 to $20 per inquiry.

“A show costing $50,000 for booth rental, 40 by 40 foot booth, set-up, travel, etc., can attract 2,000 or more inquirers,” said Karl Becker, NewLeads COO. “Post-show fulfillment costs, which can easily reach $21,000, are usually buried and not visible to most corporate managers. For instance, data entry and pull-and-pack labor can be $3 per literature request, $6,000 for 2,000 inquirers.

“Then the average printed literature package charge, $5 for envelope, letter or printed piece, pushes the cost up another $10,000. Add postage of $2.41 each per 10 oz. large envelope, and you have another $4,820. So the total fulfillment cost can add $21,000 to a $40,000 show. Customers who use NewLeads’ e-fulfillment system can save 20 to 30 percent of their show investment.”
“The dollar savings is great, but sending your inquirer an email with a PDF link to their documents before they even leave the booth has tremendous value in shortening the sales cycle,” said John Hasbrouck, president of NewLeads.
A typical NewLeads customer might rent four to six systems for a tradeshow. Their PDF literature links are pre-imbedded into the rental system. As long as there is an available internet connection, literature fulfillment is launched as soon as the booth salesperson has swiped the visitor’s badge, and taken his or her request.
NewLeads has not added any additional cost to the rental of their tradeshow systems for this e-fulfillment service.



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