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On the Road to Recovery: Techmatch, Klaxoon and e-DestinAccess

By H. K. Wilson

Scifi author and futurist Arthur C. Clarke is famous for making the observation that “any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.” In the rapidly changing business environment that exists beyond the pandemic’s epicenter, technology is essential to delivering services and fulfilling client expectations. This week, we are spotlighting three companies whose digital magic is defining the meetings of the future.

Industry Experts Partner to Drive Digital Transformation

TechMatchFew industries were as disrupted by the global pandemic as the events industry. Event organizations and associations that support B2B tradeshows are still reeling from the significant upheaval and forced adoption of digital engagement technologies. Likely due to the historical nature of events being focused on the face-to-face and experiential aspects of in-person engagement, this industry was already behind the curve in terms of innovation and digital adoption. Once COVID restrictions had gone into full effect, all past business models were immediately broken and an entire industry was forever instantly changed. A decade transpired within a matter of days.

These market dynamics have created an immediate and critical need for digital transformation of industry strategies, staff, operations, marketing, selling and customer experience. To address this demand, two industry experts have formed a new venture—Techmatch.

Techmatch, a partnership between H2K Partners and ClearTone Consulting, is a specialized consultancy that helps customers develop comprehensive integrated business models across in-person and digital events, modernize their data stores and technology stack, manage implementation and execute successful go-to-market strategies. They work with event organizers, B2B media companies, and associations to add digital solutions such as buyer-seller marketplaces, 365 community platforms, virtual and hybrid events, or improve the in-person and hybrid experience through technology.

With Techmatch’s combined 45-plus years of operational, commercial, technology and leadership experience in the event industry and event tech space, coupled with its methodological framework and due diligence process, the company helps customers develop the best strategy and operational plan for success and the right technology solutions to meet their specific needs.

Heather Holst-Knudsen of H2KPartners has more than 35 years of operational and strategic experience across all facets of B2B event and media business models coupled with a deep understanding of the event tech landscape and digital. Heather has the unique ability to identify and execute revenue strategies and match business and revenue needs to the technology stack that will deliver the results.

Brian Scott of ClearTone Consulting provides strategic technology leadership consulting backed by 35 years of technology experience and 20 years of events industry experience. Brian has deep expertise in software development, event industry technology, data architecture and integrations, cybersecurity and data analytics.

“As new investment interest pours into the industry from previously outside entities, the race to remain relevant heats up and only the most agile and committed of organizations will survive,” Scott says. “This is exactly what Techmatch was created to address.”

Learn more about the digital acceleration of events at: https://www.techmatch.co.

Vivatech 2021: Klaxoon Reveals a New Range of Products for Hybrid Work: Board Hybrid(TM) and Hybridity(TM)

KlaxoonThe specialist in collaborative solutions for efficient, creative and inclusive teamwork, Klaxoon will unveil its new generation of products designed for hybrid work at Vivatech 2021. These products include Board Hybrid, a major evolution in its flagship software application, and Hybridity, a “whiteboard room,” which is a revolutionary workspace that is specifically designed to meet the new challenges of hybrid work by exploiting all the potential of Klaxoon’s interactive whiteboards.

After just over a year of remote work, which has not always been by choice for everyone, and at a time when restrictions are being lifted all over the world, eight out of 10 workers (Opinion Way survey, May 2021) would like to continue to work remotely some of the time.

A new era of hybrid work is beginning for teams, and this new reality is shaking up tools, methods and organizations. Companies are adopting new management methods that open the door to greater independence and autonomy for teams. 

In this context, and with the new challenges this poses for organizations, Klaxoon’s latest tools are the answer to a real need: that of finding balance in communication between team members, whether they be in the office or working remotely, in order to make discussion as efficient and fluid as possible and thereby fully seize the opportunities that hybrid work offers everyone. Indeed, by rethinking online and offline workspaces, there are opportunities for greater freedom (in terms of rhythm and location) in our work and more socially and environmentally responsible methods. 

Board Hybrid is an all-in-one, visual, collaborative tool designed for hybrid work. Launched less than a year ago, Board has already been adopted by millions of users, and now it is taking the next step in its evolution: adapting to hybrid work with Board Hybrid, the world’s most advanced visual workspace, which once again pushes back the boundaries of how we can think and work as a team. 

More powerful, user-friendly and even more fluid thanks to its new design and functions, Board Hybrid facilitates and boosts teams’ abilities to think through problems together, enabling unlimited creativity.

Major developments: 

  • Mindmaps, flowcharts, creative tools and augmented visual collaboration.
  • A document management system that revolutionizes file management. 
  • Built-in videoconferencing function, Live.
  • A template library (ready-to-use meeting models) that boasts hundreds of ready-to-use methods.
  • New interoperability with Jira and optimization with Teams. 
  • Security, which has always been a design priority for Klaxoon, has been strengthened thanks to new protocols.

Klaxoon is also presenting Hybridity, a unique, revolutionary new product that is packed with all the functions the company has developed. Thanks to Board Hybrid’s built-in videoconferencing functions, up to 250 participants can connect to Hybridity remotely. Hybridity is designed to be uniquely modular, and with a footprint of under five square meters, it can be installed in all workspaces—in an open space office, next to a factory production line or in a coworking space. Hybridity also has boards and touchscreens on the outside, for new ways to express yourself and explore ideas from 360°. 

“Board Hybrid and Hybridity are consistent with the idea that has driven us since the launch of Klaxoon; how to help teams develop ideas together more efficiently and shake off the shackles of time and space while creating a more comfortable workspace for everyone,” says Matthieu Beucher, CEO and founder of Klaxoon. “Board Hybrid is establishing a new standard, combining a professional, powerful architecture that can fluidly display thousands of elements of content in real time, with a brand-new revolutionary data engine that is compatible with all types of files and can be used on any device. These new tools will enable teams all around the world to prepare for their hybrid future.” 

Try Board for free at https://klaxoon.com/board.

e-DestinAccess Launches Digital Meeting and Event Planning Platform

DestinDIYe-DestinAccess just launched a one-of-a-kind, end-to-end solution for planners of every experience level to manage all aspects of meetings and events for organizations of any size. With the rollout of DestinDIY, planners can improve their efficiency by up to 70 percent, saving time with a single-source digital tool designed to manage both group and individual bookings while also capturing revenue from shared commissions. 

DestinDIY has the flexibility to fully integrate multiple services—including HotelPlanner, Flyus, Carey International, Tiqets and Quickbooks—to deliver a truly turnkey platform. Planners can create custom, dynamic event experiences with the ability to book group/individual rooms, air, exclusive COVID-19 at-home airport pickup and drop-off service, airport transfers and local activities.

To manage the process, DestinDIY provides a user-friendly planner dashboard that includes electronic proposal, contract generation, electronic signature, online registration, transportation scheduling, electronic departure notices and daily itinerary functions. In addition, financial forecasting and cost reports, including program spreadsheets and final invoicing, are all available in real time. 

With a built-in CRM, communication with suppliers and attendees is effortlessly straightforward. Each attendee has an easy-to-use personal dashboard, which they can access from any device, providing a centralized location for their important documents, including vouchers, itineraries and other key details. DestinDIY also provides SMS or email communication accessible from the planner and attendees’ dashboards.

With DestinDIY, CVBs and conferences can create cash-back opportunities by providing their attendees the ability to book their own room, air, home airport pickups and drop-offs, airport transfers and local activities, with all bookings providing commissions.  

DestinDIY is the only full-service solution on the market for planners to provide comprehensive meeting and event management functionality and generate revenue via cash-back earnings on all bookings.

Learn more about DestinDIY and other technology solutions at: https://e-destinaccess.com.

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