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Real-time event marketing with MarketingConnect’s Amazon-style recommendations

Leveraging attendee-behavior data as part of a targeted email marketing campaign, MarketingConnect, a solution from event app creator GenieConnect, allows event organizers to continuously personalize communications for attendees throughout the lifecycle of a large-scale event.

MarketingConnect“Most people are familiar with automated recommendations from Amazon. We wanted to do something similar in a closed event environment,” explained Michael Douglas, product strategy manager, GenieConnect.

Just as how Amazon immediately recommends products based off customers’ buying decisions, MarketingConnect makes recommendations to attendees based off their in-app or online activities at an ongoing event.

Gathering the information MarketingConnect utilizes is SmartConnect, or GenieConnect-created mobile apps, along with the complementary Attendee Web Portal, WebConnect. Syncing in real-time to a GenieConnect mobile app, WebConnect allows attendees to personalize content online before interacting with the app.

“We want to see more use of our apps; statistics show that you get more people using an app if you do a desktop version rather than an app by itself. Web increases app engagement,” explained Douglas.

App and portal users who browse and sign up for particular conference sessions will receive related communications. Those who favorite or schedule to meet with particular exhibitors as well as share or like sessions will receive recommendations based off their in-app activities. After gaining access to this attendee data, organizers can schedule automated, tailored, relevant emails or in-app messages, which could boost the message open rates of their marketing campaign.

“We want to see higher email open rates and engagement,” said Douglas. “We also want to see targeted communications about exhibitors to manifest as better leads. We’re getting our first users now and expect to see their results of using MarketingConnect by March.”

If these targeted email campaigns prove successful, this could not only increase email open rates, but increase exposure for sponsors, partners and exhibitors as well.

“Seventy percent of emails are opened on a mobile device, so we also have mobile versions of automated content,” said Douglas.

Currently, the only tool available on the market that allows organizers to tailor automated marketing communications, MarketingConnect led to GenieConnect winning the Technology Watch award at the 2013 EIBTM in Barcelona, Spain. Citing MarketingConnect’s innovation, completeness of concept and the value it brings to the meetings industry, expert judges from around the world chose GenieConnect out of 60 other applicants.

To learn more about GenieConnect and MarketingConnect, visit http://www.genie-connect.com/.

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