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RTT develops virtual tradeshow presentation for Audi


The idea was born to digitize the brand appearance and present the tradeshow experience to countless people virtually via the Internet.

RTT was commissioned by Audi to carry out an innovative project for this year’s Frankfurt IAA Motor Show; the development of a virtual, interactive 360-degree tour of a specially constructed exhibition building. In close cooperation with the client, RTT provided a one-stop service, from the creative design right through to final implementation.

The entire presentation was executed in thorough detail and photo-realistic quality for the Internet, and as a mobile exhibition app and touchscreen solution for use on-site.

Additional, comprehensive information enriches the virtual tour of the show. Innovative features provide a simple, intuitive user interface. Users can really experience the car manufacturer up close and completely independent of time or location. The official launch of the online tour took place a few days before the start of the motor show on September 15, 2011.

For the first time, Audi is presenting itself with an exclusively designed exhibition building complete with an integrated test track. Audi wanted to ensure that everyone could experience the brand three-dimensionally, in addition to visitors of the show. 

“With our tradeshow presentation at the IAA 2011 we have created an interactive tour that appeals to the viewer emotionally and is also very personal in nature. The immersive platform provides a compelling, tangible brand experience for everyone,” said Danijela Vasic, project manager of Digital Marketing at Audi AG. “The great success of this online tour confirms that we have really appealed to current trends and tastes with the virtual staging of the brand.”

For the realization, Audi turned to the 3D visualization experts of RTT. With its many years of experience in the automotive industry, RTT is the perfect partner for visualization solutions that require technical expertise, creative consulting and technical skills. The assignment: Design the brand experience to be as immersive as possible so that the viewer can realistically experience the product.

RTT created a 360-degree virtual tour where the online user can move independently within the virtual IAA stand. Depending on the viewing perspective, interactive points appear in the image. When selected, these points provide additional information about a displayed car or explanatory notes about new technical developments such as Audi e-tron, Audi connect and Audi ultra.

RTT integrated a number of features to make the application interactive and intuitive. For example, part of the tour includes the unveiling of show cars by means of a finger swipe. 

“RTT has made a major contribution to the success of the project in its role as a strategic partner and a leading provider of high-end 3D visualization solutions,” said Vasic.

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