“For years I’ve had the desire to help build an infrastructure for entrepreneurs in Las Vegas, and after a lengthy research process, it’s clear that X Co and their model is the best platform to fund, nurture and accelerate early stage tech companies in the southern Nevada ecosystem,” says Schorr. “Our region is just getting started, and I look forward to working with X Co in maximizing our future potential.”

Schorr will be working with several Teams in the X Co Rapid Entrepreneurial Accelerated Launch program — “REAL,” for short, including these hot startups:

  • Copper Inc., developer of point-of-sale systems for the restaurant and hospitality industries.
  • Bookit Sports, creators of a sports betting social media platform that consolidates information for sports.
  • PersonaFi, developers of a personal investment app enhanced with social-networking features.
  • Alliance Forge, a provider of voter-relationship management platform services.
  • Play Engine, a self-service platform to run your own sports betting business.
  • Uptip, replacing cash tipping with a frictionless e-payment and quality ratings platform.
  • Alchemy Games, a game development studio creating new IP with established partners.