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Utherverse hosts biggest online gathering of WoW fans

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft FanCon featured a tradeshow, seminars, guild parties, recruitment events and tournaments, allowing fans from all over the world to meet, learn and spend time with top WoW players.

Utherverse Digital Inc., creator of the Virtual World Web (VWW), hosted the world’s first completely virtual World of Warcraft convention, WoW FanCon, on October 7-8, 2011. This groundbreaking live 3D web event, held on Utherverse’s newly launched UtherConvention platform, was the largest online gathering of World of Warcraft fans, allowing devotees of the wildy popular online role-playing game to meet other players, win prizes, learn new skills and interact with other players as well as their guild members in new and exciting ways.

“World of Warcraft is the most popular online game, and we are the largest virtual-world company,” said Brian Shuster, Utherverse founder and CEO. “So it’s the perfect marriage. For the first time ever, millions of our users and millions of WoW players can come together and experience a massively multi-user online convention, for free, without leaving home. Virtual conventions like this one are the next killer app for the web, and Utherverse has been investing heavily to become the leader in this breakthrough trade-show concept.”

WoW FanCon was the 3D web company’s second virtual convention, following the huge success of UtherConvention 2011, a live online tradeshow held in July that showcased the best of virtual world technology. UtherConvention exceeded Shuster’s expectations, drawing over 5,000 attendees, receiving positive feedback on its seminars, and generating extraordinary sales for both Utherverse and its exhibitors.

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