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Walls and FormsAlthough statistically the U.S. recession ended in 2009 according to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBR), the U.S. economy continues to suffer with more than eight percent unemployment. Design company Walls + Forms believes that if you want to get consumers to notice and purchase your products in today’s economy, you need to stand out and change displays frequently. 

Walls + Forms, based in Dallas, Texas, began as a designer and manufacturer of modular display systems. Its commitment to providing solutions for kitchen and bath showrooms became the catalyst of success and growth for Walls + Forms and its customers.

Now, the company has developed the T2 Wall System. The modular wall system from Walls + Forms is a modular frame system for showrooms, and it allows today’s retailer to showcase lighting, fixtures, and more for the kitchen and bath in a unique way. It enables you to change your retail environment with changing customers and their fluctuating buying patterns.

It offers easy concealment of cables and power outlets, front loading access to power and wiring, high load-bearing capacity, and features an easy-to-assemble modular frame system. According to Walls + Forms, using the modular wall system means there are no complicated parts to worry about, and it saves up to 60 percent of man hours during the installation stage.

Walls + Forms also offers accessories for the modular wall system with a wide range of options to display your products and also has a skilled design team that can customize a display for your brand.  It has been growing in popularity with kitchen and bath dealers, major department stores, and more. The T2 Wall System is based on the European concept that “less is more.”

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