July 14, 2024 1:14 PM
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As the Saw Turns


Your Personal Brand

by Jim Obermeyer How to write “I changed a light bulb” on your resume: “Single-handedly managed the successful upgrade and deployment of a new environmental


As The Saws Turn: Restoration

by Jim Obermeyer I recently read an article in a conservation magazine about woodland prescribed burns. These are intentionally set and managed fires in a


As the Saws Turn: Alphabet Soup

by Jim Obermeyer My wife and I have been married close to 40 years, and we dated and were engaged for another five years prior


As The Saws Turn: Crossing Paths

by Jim Obermeyer Think back to some of the people you have met over the course of your lifetime. And think for a moment about

As the Saw Turns by Jim Obermeyer

As The Saw Turns: Life’s Clutter

by Jim Obermeyer My mom and dad bought their first–and only–home in 1955. A ’50s era three-bedroom brick ranch home. A home where my brother

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