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Industry expert shines light on LED

Many companies are having trouble figuring out how to “go green” and save some money, but one company is helping others do just that through

Greetings to readers everywhere!

As our staff diligently puts the final touches on this – the final print edition of 2009 – we feel the pain of many in

Cloud of Smoke

You see them lurking in alleys, shivering in the cold and shunned by the rest of society while they fulfill their craving for their powerfully

The Last Supper revisited

A month ago I attended a weekend-long leadership conference with a couple friends. Like many such conferences, the opening session was intended to give attendees

Floor Coverings – The Basics

Brett Lipeles Carpeting, along with high density padding, will be the most practical material and least expensive floor covering in terms of purchase cost, maintenance

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