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15 Industry Leaders on Why Tradeshows Work

by Bob McGlincy, The Tradeshow Times Tradeshows are a unique three-dimensional environment, combining elements of marketing, advertising and sales. They stimulate the senses, engage audiences

Tradeshow Times 12.7.21 pix

Shows & Exhibits are Back!

by Bob McGlincy Shows and exhibits are back, and they are thriving. Two November shows attracted more than 100,000 attendees—and one show in October did

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How Large is the Convention Industry?

by Bob McGlincy In 2019, the business meetings industry attracted more than 81 million individuals in the U.S., and employed more than 6,650,000 people (which

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Tradeshows Display Staying Power

by Bob McGlincy, director, business management at Willwork Global Event Services This Thanksgiving week, the people who make tradeshows happen have much to be thankful

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